Mar 16 2013

Third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables ?

Third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables ?

After many months of cloned and third-party Apple lightning cables surfaced on market, it is important to create awareness to the public that not all these cloned lightning cables are functioning well as it stated charge and sync.

The driven force of some individual whom choose to buy cloned or third-party Apple lightning cables is due to partially they thought it could save few couples dollars more then the original Apple lightning cable at SGD$28 street price. Those china made cloned or knock off lightning cables are easily grab from ebay, Qoo10, gmarket, mobile store or mobile kiosk on the departmental store. These cloned lightning cables selling range from SGD$3 to SGD$16 depends on it length, fanciful design and multiple colour too.

Not all third-party Apple lightning cables are as cheap comparing to the original from Apple, yet some can even selling more expensive too. Of course, there are some popular or big brands that authorised to sell third-party Apple lightning cables such are Griffin, Belkin and even more.


Griffin Apple Lightning Cables

In case of some people who are not aware what is so special inside the Apple lightning cables, each piece of Apple lightning cable actually contain special chip, you may call it smart chip too. So what is so smart about this chip ?  This chip BQ2025 is made by Texas Instrument, which is serial communication chip which security features are embedded into it, so that Apple can create proprietary cables for their new devices on the block. Of course Apple proprietary cables means they will able to control quality of each cable they sold and every single pieces of Apple lightning cables are fully covered warranty as long as your iDevices warranty is running too.



On the other hand, there are people still insisted to buy those dirt cheap no branded cloned Apple lightning cables. Of course, they will not expect quality cable from what they paid for, worst of all they may face the frustration of these cables isn’t work as promised or stated by the sellers. Moreover these cable will give a adverse effect on your phone or even on the computer devices that they sync with.

DO NOT BELIEVE those sellers that these cheap Apple lightning cables are direct OEM from apple factories, it is not true and Apple inc. don’t authorise any thirty-party to sell their spare parts.


These clone Apple lightning cables quality are inferior such as:

The cables are easily fray, torn and broken. As it easily broken, it may cause short circuit that damages to your iDevices. Worst of all, the short circuit may cause fire break out at the charger end too.

Data maybe not able to sync, even though it can detect your iDevice model and serial number. Sound weird ?? Yes, it’s true that some lousy clone Apple lightning cables unable to sync though it can detect inside iTune. Trying to sync the status bar will struck there not moving. Worst, every seconds it will cause hundreds of error log generated inside your iDevice and your mac/pc trying to sync with.

Frustration came when those clone Apple lightning cables seller refused to exchange those not working cable or denied any refund!

How to test your third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables:

  • Ensure your third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables able to charge your device on original charger.
  • Ensure your third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables in iTune able to totally sync with your iDevices not just ab to detect your model and serial number.
  • Ensure your your third-party or Cloned Apple lightning cables able to run USB tethering on hotspot.
  • Advice not to buy cable that are too long more then 3 meters, as it will cause round-trip delay on USB sync. Best practical length is 3 meters (9.8 ft) on AWG 26 wires.


I’m not try to scare anyone or to promote sales on original apples accessories but, to let the public know they are paying for on their hard-earned money.

So at the end of the day, happy hunting for the cables you need … cheers! :)




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