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Sep 13 2013

It’s dinner time!

It’s dinner time

Aug 24 2013

My dinner tonight is Cheesy Chicken Bake Rice

Tonight dinner is cheesy chicken bake rice In the celebration of my son’s birthday, I ordered my favourite chicken bake rice from the menu from Swensen restaurant. :P

Jul 14 2013

I eat to survive

I eat to survive, this is my dinner and dessert for tonite.

Jul 12 2013

Wedding dinner’s door gift

Wedding dinner’s door gift Today just went for a wedding dinner for Jason and Eileen. I like the box design as it quite unique.

Jul 06 2013

Yeah, let’s eat dinner :)

Finally dip myself in JEM, having my dinner here tonite at Shin Kushiya.

Jul 05 2013

Dinner time :/

Dinner time :/ Finally sat down ordered my favorite fast food, Subway sandwich. Everyday, the working hours seems getting longer then usual, and lots of request come from all directions. I’m getting tired on the current project and our non responsive vendor. I was wondering do I have a choice … ? Sigh. Good nite …

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Apr 02 2013

It’s dinner time :/

It’s dinner time :/ It’s dinner time again, this time round alone again… kind of boring dun know what to eat for dinner again.

Feb 27 2013

Took a wrong bus on my journey home

Took a wrong bus on my journey home Today, I took a wrong bus service 51 for my journey home. I ended up at Tanglin Halt road, where I passed by some old memories of mine. The old coffee shop which I like to have my traditional fish soup with rice for dinner. Recalling my …

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Nov 20 2012

Dinner of the Day: Take away fish porridge

Dinner of the Day: Take away fish porridge Recently I like to eat plain and simple meal for dinner, hence take away fish porridge will be my first choice :p

Nov 13 2012

Dinner of the day: Clay pot rice

Dinner of the day: Clay pot rice Tonite dinner was at New Lucky Claypot rice, Blk 44 Holland Drive Food Centre. The clay pot rice was actually cooked using charcoal, hence really need patience if looking forward a good meal. :)