Need to upgrade my 13″ Macbook Pro (mid-2012 ) Crucial M4 256GB SSD firmware to a latest version

Crucial M4 firmware update

Need to upgrade my 13″ Macbook Pro (mid-2012 ) Crucial M4 256GB SSD firmware to a latest version

Currently, occasionally realise that when my MBP wake from sleep, there seems be be some issue on SSD power. My current firmware for crucial M4 256GB SSD is version 000F. The latest firmware is version 040H which is released 4th December 2012.

There is a note mentioned below:

Improved robustness in the event of an unexpected power loss.* Significantly reduces the incidence of long reboot times after an unexpected power loss.

* An “unexpected power loss” is an event where a power loss occurs and is not preceded by an ATA STANDBY IMMEDIATE or similar command. STANDBY IMMEDIATE is a system-level command which alerts the storage device to an impending loss of power, or entry into low power modes like SLEEP and HIBERNATE. STANDBY IMMEDIATE is frequently not sent in a power loss event such as an unexpected loss of power connection, an expired battery, or holding down the power button for 4 seconds or longer. Although the new firmware significantly reduces the risk, unexpected power loss events such as these could result in a longer than normal reboot on the next power up. On the other hand, a standard shutdown in a Windows or Mac OS system will send the STANDBY IMMEDIATE command before shutting off power, allowing a clean start up when power is restored.


Hope it really solve the problem, and I’ll monitor it for  2-3 weeks after upgrade tonight :)


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