Format my thumb drive please…

Format my thumb drive please…

Today, someone wanted to borrow a thumb drive from me. Of course, I’m always glad to help anyone if possible. I remember that I still have a thumb drive that is used by my Mac which is not using at a moment, so i took my thumb and pass it to a young lad that happen to be a poly student (RP) that came to our company for internship. I even told him to format my thumb drive before use, cause it’s in the different file system for MS Windows and Mac OS.

A while later, this young lad look for me claim that my thumb drive isn’t working at all. Moreover he said that he doesn’t know how to format or wipe the thumb drive. OMG… :D that ridiculous. I understand that even though thumb drive that sale on shelves are ready to plug and play but, occasionally formatting are still required

Now a day, i feel that youngster should spend more time on how to use and understand more on the function of a computer, instead of having a pc or laptop solely for gaming and surfing social net.


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