Motorola Access Point AP6521 – Unable to connect to configuration-manager, executing limited diagnostic shell

I ‘ve got a Motorola Access Point AP6521 failure to boot up, checking at the console and it showing the error below:

AP6521 login:
 Unable to connect to configuration-manager: No such file or directory
 Welcome to CLI

Unable to connect to configuration-manager, executing limited diagnostic shell

==== WARNING ====

The CLI process has not initialized.
 Please exit this shell and try again.
 If this problem persists then this shell
 provides a limited subset of commands
 to allow you to restore the system to
 a working state. Please use "help" or "?"
 to see a list of available commands.
 diag >

After checking the boot information realize that it was Primary image was missing. hence, setting the boot to secondary should fix the issue.

diag >show
boot Display boot firmware version information
version Display software & hardware version

diag >show boot

Image Build Date Install Date Version
----- ---------- ------------ -------
Primary unknown unknown unknown
Secondary Jan 01 08:22:29 2012 unknown

Current Boot : Primary
Next Boot : Secondary
Firmware Fallback : Enabled


In case you need to reset to Factory default, you can use the below:

Login enter : reset     —- for Password enter : FactoryDefault   (uppercase sensitive)






    • Theo on October 30, 2017 at 11:46 pm
    • Reply

    How did you manage to get into the diagnostics shell? I have the exact same issue

    1. I’m not sure but my device automatically throws me into diagnostics shell, anyway after diagnostic it is hardware issue got it replaced. Extreme Networks took over Motorola- Symbol for AP, these model of AP comes with limited lifetime warranty.

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