Jun 25 2012

My unique way to care for Lucky Bamboo – Dracaena Sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo – Dracaena sanderiana are very common plants in our household but, these plants do have some common problems, such as root or stem rot. The causes for the root or stem rot are due to fungus pores in the air or surrounding.

Some florist told me that water need to change regularly, in order to prevent rotting. Well… clean water also need to be controlled, that does not contain chlorine and fluoride in the water too, hence it’s impossible for Singapore portable water to have zero chlorine and fluoride. So I have think of one way, that is to water the bamboo with our boiled drinking water. Yes, boiled water do clear off the chorine that hampers the growth of roots and fluoride ions is toxic in large amount though it can strengthen our teeth.

Next I am very lazy about changing water, so in order to create a nature habitat for the plant we need to understand that plants are just like human, it is subjected to shock and cold feet. Trees and plants on outdoors not subject to cold feet because they are planted on earth, hence it warm the feet of the plants with the  heat from core nature earth. In order to simulate the same environments of warm feet, I placed my bamboo vase above the TP-Link switch which always power on. Note the heat generated from the switch is lukewarm and will not kill the bamboo.

For more then four months, I have not change water, yet the bamboo grow very well and healthy too.

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