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Create own openwrt firmware for Gl-iNet router

Create own openwrt firmware for Gl-iNet router Inorder to create your own customise firmware, you need a linux operating system. My favourite is uses virtualbox from Oracle, there are readily linux images in virtualbox where you can just download and open it with virtualbox and I used this image LinuxMint 16 KDE 64bit

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GL-iNet external antenna modification

GL-iNet external antenna modification Equipment requires: Hot air heater gun – SMT rework station or good soldering gun Portable drill – to drill a hole on existing chassis to fit SMA connector. Part requires: IPX / IPEX (U.FL) to RP-SMA Female Pigtail Cable for Wifi Wireless Antenna   X1 Antenna (SMA-Male)   X1 IPX Surface …

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Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -3)

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -3) U-Boot Flashing The below steps are procedure on how to flash the U-Boot.  Please note, I’ll not responsible for your device damage or brick, do it at your own risk.   tftp 0x80060000 uboot_for_gl-inet.bin erase 0x9f000000 +0x10000 cp.b 0x80060000 0x9f000000 0x10000    

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -1) – (Updated)

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -1 ) Recently i got hold of this mini router GL-iNet, it is very much clone of TP-Link but, it has more and better specification. Details are available from their home page http://www.gl-inet.com Due to it larger flash and ram memory, we can customise the router to run on OpenWRT too.   …

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