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Mac OS Sierra: Security & Privacy

Mac OS Sierra: Security & Privacy

When you have apps not from the App Store or identified developer, you need to add “Anywhere” in the Security & Privacy under System Preferences, but somehow it is missing from Mac OS Sierra.   For remedy, you can go inside the terminal and input the below command: sudo spctl –master-disable    

Security bug that might wipe out your Samsung android phone!

 Warning: Don’t click HERE from a Samsung android phone.

WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance and Security Release

  Posted September 6, 2012 by Andrew Nacin. Filed under Releases, Security. WordPress 3.4.2, now available for download, is a maintenance and security release for all previous versions. After nearly 15 million downloads since 3.4 was released not three months ago, we’ve identified and fixed a number of nagging bugs, including: Fix some issues with older browsers in the …

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