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Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -3)

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -3) U-Boot Flashing The below steps are procedure on how to flash the U-Boot.  Please note, I’ll not responsible for your device damage or brick, do it at your own risk.   tftp 0x80060000 uboot_for_gl-inet.bin erase 0x9f000000 +0x10000 cp.b 0x80060000 0x9f000000 0x10000    

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -2)

Mini router – GL-iNet (Part -2) U-Boot Connect the router with TTL serial to your computer, the serial connect baud rate is 115200. Once the router is powered up, press any key immediate inside the console to get  into the U-Boot.   Exam env var in U-Boot uboot> printenv bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200 root=31:02 rootfstype=squashfs init=/sbin/init mtdparts=ar7240-nor0:128k(u-boot),1024k(kernel),2816k(rootfs),64k(config),64k(ART) bootcmd=bootm …

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