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Bad weather in Simei

Bad weather in Simei :/

Nite out at NLB

Tonite weather is a bit warm hence, nite out to NLB to catch some cool air and books will be nice :)

Local weather – Geylang Sunny

When I’m on my way home, just passed by Geylang area the weather on my phone automatically updated to Geylang too. I wonder how many more location in Singapore have local weather update ¿

Good day for swimming, in the western area of Singapore

The Western area of Singapore had been started to rain this morning about 0800HRS. It’s really good and refreshing weather for a good swim ’cause there isn’t any burning sun over head and swimmers will find the swimming pool’s water is warmer due to differences in atmospheric temperature in the environment and underneath the water. Cheers… …

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33.0ºC at night in Singapore

These few days, weather in Singapore is getting really hot, my wall thermometer even indicates 33.0ºC I need to some rain…Errr !